• Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) CoreOS

    "Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS (RHCOS) represents the next generation of single-purpose container operating system technology. "

  • Overview

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS (RHCOS) is Red Hat’s flagship container-optimized operating system. It is based on Fedora CoreOS, with each release subject to additional hardening/testing, and integration with OpenShift.

  • Key Features

    • RHCOS software is in RPM packages.
    • RHEL kernel.
    • Systemd-based
    • Tightly integrated with OpenShift - node management is performed from OpenShift
    • Container runtime: CRI-O
    • Container tools: podman, skopeo, crictl
    • Upgrades: Kubernetes operator integrated with OpenShift control plane; rpm-ostree
    • Immutable file system
    • First boot installer: ignition
  • Migration from CoreOS Container Linux

  • Direct migration from CoreOS Container Linux is neither documented nor supported.

  • Production Readiness and Support

  • Red Hat stands behind RHCOS as a fully-hardened stable operating system, and support is included with OpenShift subscriptions.


    If you just want to use the operating system, however, without paying for a full OpenShift license (for example, because you want to use another container orchestrator), there is no option available today from Red Hat.