• Flatcar Container Linux

    "Flatcar Container Linux is an immutable Linux distribution for containers. It is a friendly fork of CoreOS Container Linux and as such, compatible with it."

  • Overview

    Give me the low-down.

  • Flatcar Container Linux is a “friendly fork” of CoreOS Container Linux and so shares the same architecture, update and configuration model. Maintained by Kinvolk, a company that worked closely with CoreOS in the early days, it continues the original CoreOS vision with a distro that’s so close that in-place updates are virtually seamless.

  • Key Features

    What's in the box?

    • Immutable base OS
    • Channels of updates: stable, beta, alpha, and edge
    • Latest kernel per the update channel chosen
    • LSM: SELinux
    • First boot installer: ignition (or cloud-init for legacy compatibility)
    • Container tools: docker, containerd, rkt
    • Etcd is available in the base image
    • Upgrades: update_engine and Kinvolk Update Service / Nebraska
  • Migration from CoreOS Container Linux

    How do you get from here to there?

  • Flatcar Container Linux offers a drop-in migration and in-place upgrade from CoreOS Container Linux. There is information for applying this manually in the case of a tailored deployment. The most concise approach to transition is just:

  • curl -sSL https://docs.flatcar-linux.org/update-to-flatcar.sh | bash
    systemctl reboot

  • Production Readiness and Support

    Should you trust it, and who can you turn to for help?

  • Flatcar Container Linux has been around for a couple of years, so is field hardened with testimonials from a number of large enterprise users. There are mailing lists for community support and Kinvolk offers commercial support with an enterprise service level agreement (SLA).